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Terraqua Environmental Solutions supplies a range of environmentally friendly products in three main sectors: Bioengineering, Erosion Control and Water Quality


With our own aquatic nursery in Surrey where we gown numerous marginal and aquatic plants, together with Coir Rolls and Coir Mats we are ideally suited to provide materials and plants for your next project.




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Latest Terraqua Case Studies

Terraqua ES  in conjunction with Biomatrix and Land and Water Group have produced a new brochure for 2013. The brochure shows in detail the Floating Edge Ecosystems that can be installed in a number of configurations depending on the specific requirements and the existing infrastructure limitations. Popular options include: Floating Edge   Floating Islands         Bird Nesting Islands   Active Edge Installations   The 38 page brochure contains detailed product information, sizing and installation guidance. The PDF is close to 20Mb in size and available for download from this link.  Read more
The Bayberry Hills irrigation pond is 1.1 acres. For years this pond has suffered from surface algae problems and the algae bloom has caused the irrigation intake filters to clog, requiring many hours of manual cleaning. Until BHGC used ComboPacks manual algae surface skimming and intake filter maintenance took up countless man hours. Read more
The algae blooms have been dramatically reduced in all three ponds in just one month of treatment. Even the thick, surface algae which previously covered the large pond is dramatically reduced, and what remains has turned brown and is sinking. Originally, the owner planned to use StartSmart at a problem solving dose for perhaps 4 to 6 months, but in just one treatment, Harrison Vaughn was able to switch to maintenance dose (one half of the problem solving dose). The algae and weed problems have been dramatically improved, and the ponds are now in great shape for fishing. Read more