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Terraqua Environmental Solutions supplies a range of environmentally friendly products in three main sectors: Bioengineering, Erosion Control and Water Quality


With our own aquatic nursery in Surrey where we gown numerous marginal and aquatic plants, together with Coir Rolls and Coir Mats we are ideally suited to provide materials and plants for your next project.




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Latest Terraqua Case Studies

Algae removal with StartSmart: These examples show the effect of StartSmart in removing algae for a 8 acre lake at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. StartSmart: A ready to use liquid, an all-purpose biological lake additive designed for lakes and ponds from ¼ acre to 5 Acres. StartSmart is super- concentrate, with an ideal mix of bacteria that out compete algae for nutrients. Size: 4 litre containers. Read more
As part of “The Canch Environmental Improvement Scheme” Land & Water Services were contracted to carry out dredging & environmental enhancement works on the river Ryton running through the Canch park for Bassetlaw district council.
The enhancement works included dredging 335 metres of river bed to a depth of 1.2M and removing 400m3 of silts, the instruction from the client was to retain and use all the dredged silts on site as part of a solution to provide new vegetated ledges, which run the full length down one side of the river bank. Read more
As part of the contract British waterways instructed Land & Water Services to repair the badly eroding banks and use as much retained silts as possible.
“Nicospan” was the chosen as the product to install at the water’s edge, it provides a high-quality and economical erosion control system and is designed specifically for protecting vertical banks. Easily installed, Nicospan is especially useful where access to the bank is limited and is an ideal low cost bank protection system that allows the use of dredged silts as fill. Read more