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Terraqua Environmental Solutions supplies a range of environmentally friendly products in three main sectors: Bioengineering, Erosion Control and Water Quality


With our own aquatic nursery in Surrey where we gown numerous marginal and aquatic plants, together with Coir Rolls and Coir Mats we are ideally suited to provide materials and plants for your next project.




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Latest Terraqua Case Studies

As the sole British Waterways UK framework contractor for dredging Land & Water were contracted by British Waterway’s to ensure all winding holes on the Grand Union Leicester Line and Oxford canals were maintained to current safety standards. These winding holes had silted up over time and so a dredging operation was carried out using Land & Water’s specialist narrow beam dredging equipment. British Waterway’s instruction was to repair the badly eroding banks and use as much retained silts as possible. Read more
Terraqua ES are able to offer help in identifying your water quality / algae problem, weather your watercourse is a large or a small, we will be able to help solve your problem in the short, medium or long term and at an affordable price. We are more than willing to visit your reservoir, lake or pond and advice on the correct method of treatment for your algae / weed problem. If you have suffered algae blooms or major weed problems in the past and done nothing about it, it is likely to return the following year, we can recommend a treatment based on the size, intake and scale of pollution that you have within your watercourse. Read more
A bespoke curtain was designed & manufactured 94m long by 8.4m deep, ballasted to enclose the purpose built Land & Water pontoon and thus prevent contamination leaking into the River Fowey during the dredging operation. The curtain weighing approx 2 tonnes was installed by a 15 men team, including 4 divers, in one day. Read more